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Antacid 1 fl oz from Liddell Laboratories

Antacid 1 fl oz
By Liddell Laboratories
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Antacid Description

Detoxifier for household and industrial chemicals and provides relief for symptoms associated with the accumulation of toxins:

. fatigue
. dizziness
. weakness
. headache
. poor concentration
. dry skin

The EPA has found that our indoor air contains 20-150 different pollutants in concentrations 10-40 times higher than outdoors - much of it from petrochemical cleaners. The National Research Council estimates that less than 30% of the 17,000 petrochemicals available for public and home use have been tested for their effects on human and environmental health.

When we are outdoors, we are often being exposed to industrial toxins. The FDA regularly warns the public about the dangers associated with chronic exposure to such chemicals as pesticides, Acrylamide, Dioxins, PCB's, Urethane, Perchlorates, etc.

Antacid Additional Notes

Non-Drowsy, with No Drug Interactions. Safe for the elderly and high risk patients.Safe for use with prescription medication, dietary supplements and herbs. 100% Natural - no artificial additives or preservatives.

Antacid Ingredients

. Arsenicum album (Arsenic Trioxide) - for restlessness; reoccurring anxiety; dry, parched, cracked lips; exhaustion from modest effort; dizziness and trembling.
. Carduus marianus (St. Mary's Thistle) - for cleansing of the liver, the body's primary organ of detoxification; relieves fatigue and sweating after eating; chills upon awaking at night.
. Liver extract - for elimination of stored toxins; helps prevent liver damage.
. Lung extract - for elimination of stored toxins; eases coughing due to mucous build up.
. Pancreas extract - supports proper pancreatic function; relieves diarrhea.
. Radium bromatum (Radium Bromide) - for feeling too tired to move about, unable to work properly; for dry skin and face, and eczema; non-specific pain throughout the body.
. Serum anguillae (Eel Serum) - supports proper kidney function; eases scanty urine flow.
. Terebinthinae (Oil of Turpentine) - for itching; stinging burning of skin; headache and dizziness; neuralgia with sensation of coldness in nerve; and dry, hacking cough.
. X-Ray - for pressing headache across the forehead; loss of appetite; night chills; fatigue; dry, itching skin.
. Zingiber (Ginger) - for feeling faint or weak, wanting to lie down; nervous, fidgety feelings at night; cramps in feet and hands.

Antacid Recommended Use

Adults and children over 12: Spray twice under the tongue 3 times per day. Children 2 to 12: Spray once under the tongue 3 times per day. Use daily for one month, then daily for 1 week per month for the next 3 months.


Do not use if the tamper evident seal is broken or missing. Ask a doctor before use in children under 2 years of age. Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist, worsen or if new symptoms occur. If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use. Do not use if you have had an allergic reaction to this product or any of its ingredients. Keep out of reach of children.