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Anti-Dependence Naturally 60 VCaps from Nature's Benefit

Anti-Dependence Naturally 60 VCaps
By Nature's Benefit
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Anti-Dependence Naturally Description

Humans have a distinct desire for dependence on relationships, food and chemical substances. For many years, the medical community talked about addictions, a word derived from Latin that implies great devotion. The idea of dependence on substances such as alcohol, caffeine or nicotine suggests a degree of intemperance, but dependence or addiction is best viewed as a socio behavioral disorder. People who smoke too much often drink too much and they are at risk of addiction to street drugs. Society is judgmental about substance abuse, but they should be more focused on food abuse.

If one has the privilege of speaking to a drug addict, they will describe cigarette smoking as the most powerful urge to engage their habits. Dr. Holt expresses his disappointment with drug substitution to control drug abuse. Examples of this approach include the administration of nicotine in gum or patches to control nicotine intake by smoking. Using small amounts of alcohol to encourage an alcohol abuser into controlled drinking has been shown repeatedly a waste of time. The recent scientific discovery of natural substances that can assist in behavioral changes to combat addictions is very exciting. Medicine views addictions as diseases, but they may be best viewed as the deviations from acceptable lifestyles. This is why Dr. Holt considers nutritional support for reducing dependence on substances of abuse as an approach to restoring normal body function. Dr. Holt believes that there is a body function that promotes substance abuse in many people.

Anti-Dependence NaturallyT is a combination of botanical agents that may provide nutritional support to alter the normal body function of a tendency to dependence on drugs or substances. The product Anti-Dependence NaturallyT draws upon recent scientific research that highlights the value of the plant Kudzu as a potential antidote for excessive drinking. Dietary supplement products that claim to be a value in reducing hangover should be rejected. In their place, should be products that prevent the binge drinking that causes hangover. It is completely contrary to the philosophy of natural medicine to produce a natural product that could encourage people to persist with their drunkenness. Anti-Dependence NaturallyT is a botanical approach to help control drinking habits. Kudzu has been referred to as a botanical that can "whack binge drinking" (Harvard News Office). Extracts of Kudzu have been shown to reduce alcohol intake and slow down the speed of drinking of alcohol, with fewer hangovers and no side effects in healthy volunteers who drank excessively.

There has been much speculation on how Kudzu may work, but it contains compounds that have a structure similar to isoflavones which have wide-ranging potential health benefits. Anti-Dependence NaturallyT also contains chamomile which is a stress-busting herb that takes the edge of the anxiety that individuals may experience during the withdrawal of alcohol or cigarettes.

Anti-Dependence Naturally Additional Notes

There is no other dietary supplement that has addressed the issue of dependence on substance abuse by the provision of nutritional support. Anti-Dependence NaturallyT provides nutritional support for alcohol consumers, smokers and caffeine addicts who wish to make behavioral changes to combat damaging habits.

Anti-Dependence Naturally Ingredients

Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl, methylcellulose, cellulose powder, magnesium stearate, titanium oxide, sillicon dioxide.

Anti-Dependence Naturally Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, take one vegetarian capsules, twice daily.