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AntiPoleez 8 drops from RNY Group

AntiPoleez 8 drops
By RNY Group
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AntiPoleez Description

You had a few drinks and don't want others to know you did? Your spouse hates smell of cigarettes or alcohol in your breath? You just had a tuna sandwich and were called to an unexpected meeting with your boss? AntiPoleez starts working immediately on completely eliminating the unwanted odor and will solve your problem in less then a minute. It is superior to any other breath freshener or gum because it will not leave you smelling like a fruit and it will work until the next consumption of the smell producing substance.

AntiPoleez eliminates bad breath resulting from consumption of alcohol, tobacco and food. Unlike breath fresheners and gum AntiPoleez does not just mask the unwanted odor with heavy mint or fruit scent, it eliminates it and does not leave any other. The unique combination of components work to increase the consumption of breath producing molecules by the epithelium of the mucous coat of the upper respiratory passages resulting in clean, fresh breath. Despite the level of effect that AntiPoleez has against odor producing substances it does not contain any chemicals but only natural ingredients and no artificial flavors and complies with FDA regulations

AntiPoleez Ingredients

Sugar, gum arabic, glucose syrup, sorbitol, extract of licorice, natural flavor, ammonium chloride, vegetable oil (coconut or palm kernel).

AntiPoleez Recommended Use

For maximum effect, after consumption of alcohol, garlic, onion or after tobacco, place 1-2 drops in mouth and let it dissolve slowly. Do not chew. For the stronger effect, take one more drop.