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Blood Cleanse 90 Caps from Health Plus Inc.

Blood Cleanse 90 Caps
By Health Plus Inc.
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Blood Cleanse Description

The health of your blood is vital for life and the maintenance of a strong immune system.

. blood supplies oxygen to the body's cells.
. blood transports hormones and nutrients.
. blood neutralizes toxic waste.
. The blood and lymph carry toxic substances taken in by food and the natural wastes of the body.
. Lymphatic vessels drain waste products from tissues.

Many health conditions develop from an over-acid blood pH resulting from accumulated toxins in the blood. Most of these toxins are acids formed by the natural wastes of the body and the foods we eat. These acids are normally eliminated when the body's organs are functioning properly.

Blood quality must be healthy for the lymphatic system to filter toxins out adequately. The acid and alkaline quality of the blood should always be balanced. The pH factor ranges from a scale of pH-1 to pH- 12. A pH of less then 7 is acid and more than 7 is alkaline. Healthy blood should be slightly alkaline, between a pH of 7.3 and 7.45.

When a poor diet consisting of excess sugar, white flour, fatty foods, caffeine, alcohol and chemical food additives and preservatives are consumed, the bloodstream can become congested with toxins, fat, cholesterol and mucus that accumulates in the organs. This may lead to further deterioration of the blood quality and negatively affect the lymphatic system.

When a failure of the mechanisms responsible for maintaining a balance between acid and alkali takes place, an abnormal level of acidity in the blood causes a condition known as acidosis. Acidosis can create an unhealthy internal environment that leaves the body's health vulnerable.

Blood Cleanse Ingredients

Other ingredients: gelatin

Blood Cleanse Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily. Use one bottle every 4 months as part of your total body cleansing regimen.