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CrohnsComplete Elemental Shake 2.3 lbs from BioNeutrix Labs

CrohnsComplete Elemental Shake 2.3 lbs
By BioNeutrix Labs
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CrohnsComplete Elemental Shake Description

For those in the midst of a flare up, the Complete Elemental Shake allows the intestinal tract to rest while supplying over 100% of the minerals and vitamins needed daily to ensure the body functions optimally.

The Shake also provides essential nutrients specifically included to target the needs of Crohn's patients.

Doctors recommend elemental diets for those who are experiencing flare ups. Elemental diets are one of the safest and easiest ways to induce remission from a flare up and clear away symptoms. The principle behind elemental diets is that of 'rest': by eating pre-digested nutrients, your gut has to do less work, so it can heal faster.Although you don't have to follow the elemental diet for CrohnsClear's TH Balance and Remission Plus to work, if you want to clear up the symptoms from a flare up quickly and safely, we suggest giving the elemental diet a try.

CrohnsComplete Elemental Shake Additional Notes

This product contains NO salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, milk, egg, or other preservatives. CrohnsComplete contains no known Crohn's triggers, such as casein and lactose.

The protein in this product is derived from a Provon A-190 Whey Protein Isolate.

CrohnsComplete Elemental Shake Recommended Use

Mix 2 scoops with full glass of water or fluid of your choice. To provide digestive rest, replace meals with CrohnsComplete Elemental Shake. You can drink up to ten servings per day. For best results, drink shakes cold and sip slowly. Allow one hour rest between servings.

In Remission: If you don't currently have a flare up, doctors recommend 'prepping' your digestive tract for CrohnsClear treatment by giving it a complete rest for a day or so. To do so, we recommend following an elemental diet with CrohnsComplete Elemental Shake. Simply replace each meal with two or three shakes for one or two days, then start taking the TH Balance Complex and Remission Plus. Take 2 capsules of the TH Balance Complex per day, once in the morning and once at night, and take three Remission Plus softgels per day with meals.

In Flare Up: If you have a flare up, doctors recommend giving your digestive tract complete rest for between two days and two weeks, depending on how severe your flare up is. To do this, we recommend following an elemental diet by taking CrohnsComplete Elemental Shakes. Simply replace each of your meals with two or three elemental shakes for up to two weeks. The more meals you replace, the more rest your tract has, and the better you'll feel. Once your flare up has subsided, start taking the TH Balance Complex (2 capsules daily) and Remission Plus (3 softgels daily).

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