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MediStraw 1 Straw from Medi+Straw

MediStraw 1 Straw
By Medi+Straw
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Package Type: 1 Straw
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MediStraw Description

MediStraw Pill

  • Allows the head to remain level.
  • Holds the pill in preparation for swallowing.
  • Provides an accelerated fluid stream to carry the pill into the mouth.
  • Starts the sucking action that triggers the swallowing reflex.
  • Also, since the pill is surrounded by fluid, after-taste is reduced or eliminated.
MediStraw Pill Features:
  • Simple to use.
  • Eliminates gagging.
  • Doctor approved.
  • For adults or children.
  • Handy store case.
  • Washable.

The MediStraw simplifies the difficulty many experience swallowing pills. The Unique fluid action of the MediStraw suspends the pill in fluid as it enters the mouth, reducing or eliminationg the gagging or choking associated with pill swallowing.

MediStraw Recommended Use

1.) Hold the straw vertically with the smooth end pointing up.

2.) Insert the pill into the smooth end.

3.) Place the notched end of the straw into a glass of your favorite beverage.

4.) Draw the beverage through the straw. The pill will be carried into the mouth and be swallowed with little or no feeling.


Helpful Hints:

1.) Wash with hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly after every use, especially when used with dairy products. Not Dishwasher Safe

2.) For children old enough to use a straw, help them become familiar with using the MediStraw by letting them watch you use it on numerous occasions with your favorite beverage without taking pills. Let them do the same to become accustomed with its use.

3.) Take only one pill at a time.

4.) When using gel coated pills or capsules, be aware that they may stick to the inside of the MediStraw if it has been moistened by a previous use (as when taking numerous pills). This can be easily prevented by applying a very small amount of cooking oil, olive oil, butter, etc. to the tip of the index finger and rolling the pill between the finger and thumb, coating the pill.