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Myoplex Deluxe, Chocolate Cream 36 Packets from EAS

Myoplex Deluxe, Chocolate Cream 36 Packets
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Retail Price: $116.96
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Package Type: 36 Packets
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Myoplex Deluxe, Chocolate Cream Description

Use Myoplex Deluxe Bars and Shakes to meet your basic nutrition needs. Take the guesswork out of providing the body with the proper protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed to support your active lifestyle. Designed with the serious athlete in mind, newly reformulated Myoplex Deluxe Nutrition offers a powerful supply of ingredients to help maximize muscle gain and increase recovery potential. Myoplex Deluxe Nutrition is perfect for post-workout use or as a convenient and nutritious protein rich supplemental meal.

Myoplex Deluxe Nutrition offers an exclusive, three-stage precision release protein complex. This protein blend provides an optimal, calculated release of amino acids into the bloodstream to potentiate an anabolic state and support gains in lean muscle mass.

The total amino acid pool is directly related to protein synthesis and anabolism, so it is beneficial to keep amino acid levels high. Fast-absorbing proteins cause a rapid spike in the amino acid pool. Slow-release proteins are "anti-catabolic," as they help sustain the body's amino acid pool. This means protein synthesis may be prolonged, thus supporting lean mass gains.

The carefully selected proteins in Myoplex Deluxe Nutrition support both anabolic and anti-catabolic activity. Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate may be the most anabolic protein, as it digests very quickly and supplies an immediate release of amino acids into the blood stream. Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate are absorbed just slightly slower, and collectively continue a rapid delivery of amino acids. Micellar Casein has a slower digestion rate and yields a sustained release of amino acids into the bloodstream to inhibit protein breakdown and prolong protein synthesis.

Myoplex Deluxe, Chocolate Cream Additional Notes

53g Protein - Blend of Fast & Slow-Release Proteins Including Whey Isolate & Micellar Casein
1g CLA - Helps Optimize Fat Loss
12g Glutamine, Glutamine Peptides & Glutamic Acid Supports Muscle Recovery & Repair
7g Fiber - From Low Glycemic, Whole Grain Carbohydrates

Myoplex Deluxe, Chocolate Cream Ingredients

Other Ingredients: MyoPro II 3-Stage Precision Release Protein Complex (micro- and ultra-filtered whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, micellar casein, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, L-glutamine, glutamine peptides [from hydrolyzed wheat gluten]), whole-grain sustained release carbohydrate blend (rice oligodextrins, oat bran fiber, clarified brown rice syrup solids), cocoa (processed with alkali), natural and artificial flavor, Conjugated Linoleic Acid from safflower oil (CLA), medium chain triglycerides (MCT), vitamin and mineral blend (monopotassium phosphate, magnesium oxide, salt, choline bitartrate, dipotassium phosphate, beta carotene (added for vitamin and color), potassium citrate, ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopheryl acetate, ferrous fumarate, boron proteinate (rice, soy), manganese gluconate, selenium amino acid chelate, niacinamide, magnesium phosphate, zinc oxide, calcium pantothenate, chromium citrate, copper sulfate, molybdenum amino acid chelate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamin hydrochloride, vitamin a palmitate, folic acid, biotin, potassium iodide, cyanocobalamin), strawberries, xanthan gum, cellulose gum, soy lecithin, and sucralose.

Myoplex Deluxe, Chocolate Cream Recommended Use

For a rich, creamy shake, combine the contents of each packet with 16oz of cold water or skim milk and thoroughly mix in a blender or shaker for 45 seconds. Use 2 to 3 servings daily.

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