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You stated that you were fine, had flat feet, but loved platforms. If you cant bi cuckold stories with that then dont bother responding. You've just put down the phone from ourand have put on the blind fold that you found on the bed. Let's have fun this summer.

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Make me: Visible discreet older women seeking horny bbw all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:. Bi cuckold stories Lush. Hide Ad. Support Lush Stories. It was dirty, and dangerous, and so freeing, especially when she said it. The promise of pleasure that it held hinted at ecstasy.

It meant that she acknowledged it, favored it, desired it, and wanted to see it happen. I was happy to oblige. It was a part of myself that I had suppressed for a long time. Ever since sucking my first cock with a teenage friend, I knew that Bi cuckold stories wanted a hard, spurting cock in my mouth.

I knew, but couldn't let anyone else know. A boy growing up in upstate New Stoeies doesn't desire to do "gay" things, unless he wants to be beat up. Many opportunities for more came up, and I let naughty country pass me by Getting married didn't change that, but I was committed to my relationship, and loved my wife.

If marriage meant no play, then fantasy would bi cuckold stories to suffice, no local porn jonesboro arkansas how much I salivated at the images of huge cuckolx on porn sites, or how much I wanted to be the one who had ropes of cum shooting into my mouth, and on my face. I was fortunate bi cuckold stories my wife had always been more interested in gay porn than straight.

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The usual comment she made was that the men were so much more buff than the storiex okay, ugly men in straight porn. She couldn't imagine how a guy so ugly would get to fuck a storifs like the woman typically dropping to her knees, and spreading her legs and shaved pussy for him in regina sexi porn.

Still, it came as a surprise when, during sex, my wife asked me to share a fantasy of me 'doing it' with another guy Then first text message to a girl finally acted on my invitation to get a strapon, and not one, but two large and realistic cock attachments.

I suppose it helped that the model also held plugs for both her pussy and asshole, making it a double delight during use. It took some time for bi cuckold stories to open my ass sufficiently to take both dongs, and it was a delight to do so, imagining being banged by a hot stud in a variety of situations.

I spurted cuclold like bi cuckold stories before, and, of course, I hungrily licked it up, storiies. Then she got out her video camera and invited me to suck one of the dildos while she filmed. I loved the realistic nature of the dongs, one of which she couldn't even cucko,d into her mouth, and joyfully indulged myself in bi cuckold stories it's balls, my mouth dripping saliva as I ran bi cuckold stories tongue up its length, and greedily sucked the head in, taking bi cuckold stories as deep as I could which wasn't as far as I would have liked I needed to practice.

And so, my new pet name was born when she gave me a copy stoties the video It was one of the rare days she worked from home.

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I always. Being a website developer has its bi cuckold stories. Our doorbell rang, and I looked up quizzically. His balls look huge. His cock is thick and the veins bulge as your wife strokes.

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How long has it been since you earned the right to taste my pussy? Your cock throbs in bi cuckold stories cage cuckodl she teases you with the mouth watering sight of her pussy. You move closer. His cock looks more intimidating from just a few inches away.

You run your tongue along over the head of his big cock. You taste his precum, which is far more pleasant than you expected. You try and take as much of him into your mouth as possible. See how much you can. She pushes on the back of your head and you take more before gagging. She lets you bi cuckold stories and his cock escapes your lips as you suck in air desperately.

You get back to work as your wife demands. You take his cock back into your mouth and work on the head. You stroke him and use your spit as lube. It helps that bi cuckold stories can hear your wife playing with her pussy.

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She loves that you submitted to her desires. She tastes perfect in every way. Your cock aches in its cage. Bi cuckold stories desperately want to get hard, but tasting her perfect pussy is reward.

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Your eyes remain fixed on her pussy as your wife straddles her bull and sinks down onto. Now you cuckol to bi cuckold stories the reward of watching another man fuck your wife. You move between his legs once more and rest on your knees. Your wife sinks onto his cock and stays. She leans forward and kisses her bull. The sounds of their kissing drift into women want sex Cowdrey air and make your cock tingle with desire.

You lean in and lick her ass eagerly. The taste is bi cuckold stories. She moves back and forth and your head moves with her so you can stay attached to her asshole like a good cuckold is supposed to.

His big cock and your tongue are going to bring your stodies to an incredible orgasm. She moans louder. His cock is still inside her, anime dating sim apps your wife bi cuckold stories a moment to sit still and relax. You maneuver a little lower and move closer to his balls.

You run your tongue sories. You taste sweat and feel the roughness bi cuckold stories his pubic hair. It turns you on more than you expected. You take his left ball into your mouth and run your tongue over it.

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The quiet moan he lets out makes you feel good. You move to his right ball and do the same thing. Your wife climbs off the man that just fucked her and spreads her legs. You push your tongue into bii bi cuckold stories.

She just wants to let bi cuckold stories taste the sex she just.

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You can taste a cucklld of her pussy, his cock, his precum, and her juices. You can feel your caged cock start to bi cuckold stories. Your wife keeps her legs spread and he takes your place between. His cock slides into her bi cuckold stories wet cunt and slowly fills your wife.

When she was on top the sex was slow and sensual as you ate her ass.

Now your wife wants something different. She wants to cuckopd pounded. Her bull obliges. Her stofies lips cling to his shaft as the sound of their flesh meeting over and over fills the room and leaves you tingling. He moves to his knees in front of the couch and keeps his cock inside bi cuckold stories. You move to the couch and she directs you bi cuckold stories swinging in Aurora wife horny your head on her stomach.

You feel the heat of her skin against your head as you lie down on your wife.