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In particular, it has seen its public groups assailed by a large number of these bots which infuse it with spam-related content.

The result worked so well that friends soon wanted it. With word of mouth only, his bot was installed on over 2, groups in just three days.

Major project issues — Neural networks are expensive: For a student, it is a hefty sum to invest in GPU instances. Therefore Jaap looked into using a third-party company that would provide him with a more affordable out of the messeenger solution.

While Google came up as first in a search, he selected Imagga because of the already tested accuracy compared to other solutions on the market. Since Kik profile pictures are public, Rage bot only needs to man here sex chat on kik messenger links oon to Imagga Content Moderation API from which it returns its result. One of the most recent features is the 48 mode, which detects messeger number of people in a chat and removes inactive users.

Using the msssenger, free API calls a month demo, Jaap was able to quickly implement, test and judge sex chat on kik messenger this was the right tool for. As a content moderation solution, it can be installed and run the same day with no downtime and deliver accurate content moderation.

Then, if you need more API calls, Imagga has very affordable pricing. In TrendingTech Insider.

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